Add a dash

of super food To Your Career

Working with Trigital is not for the faint hearted. You need to have the super talent to work in a highly charged, highly exciting atmosphere where brands are built. Joining Trigital is like working in a fast paced environment super charged with energy.

Our motto at Trigital is work hard and then work harder until our customers begin to swear by us. At Trigital each of our employees are given opportunities to showcase their skills and talent and grow as fast they can handle the growth.

We encourage an open culture where ideas can be freely exchanged and where anyone with the right mix of determination, openness to new ways of working, and skill enhancement could grow.

We believe strongly in intrapreneurship

So if you feel you have it in you to make a difference to our clients, come right in and have a cup of coffee with us, meet your potentially future colleagues and spend the day with us to see how we work.

Openings at Trigital

We are constantly looking for that one bright spark, that one sou chef that could help us create a signature dish.

We currently have openings in the following departments

Client Servicing  |   Creative- Art, Copy and Content

Technology – Frontend and backend  |   Media Operations  |   Social Media Marketing

Send a mail to to set the ball rolling along with a copy of your resume or ping him on LinkedIn


We have a fun loving culture at Trigital. Beer is served in office on special occasion and we celebrate every victory big and small. Camp outings, pub night outs, birthday parties and the occasional beer bashes are all part of the big bang super charged environment that our people love to be in.

Camp Outings