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    Brand Credibility

    Google is saying you are one of the best result in a particular search!
    That’s a very strong endorsement. People tend to trust organic search listings more than paid listings. SEO ensures you rank high in chosen search keywords in chosen geographies.

    No Media Cost

    Google is saying you are one of the best result in a particular search!
    While there is a cost to getting SEO done by a specialist agency, it becomes much lower compared to the cost of Paid media over a period of time. Whats more, even if you stop your SEO for a few weeks, you will still keep getting traffic and leads.

    Result Focused

    Google is saying you are one of the best result in a particular search!
    An SEO strategy can be crafted based on your need. It can help you drive traffic to your website, create high quality app downloads, focus on high conversion keywords, or some key geographies. Google analytics ensures tracking of various keyword ranks, the traffic to site and conversions from traffic.

    Largest Source Of Traffic

    Google is saying you are one of the best result in a particular search!
    The no. 1 organic search result on a Google SERP receives 32% of clicks while the top 10 organic search results get 85% of all traffic. With SEO, you can reach out to those who are looking for what you offer in an efficient manner. SEO is the most reliable source of regular traffic to your website and e-commerce portals

    What Makes Trigital Your Effective SEO Partner?

    Deep Expertise

    We have worked on 10000 keywords+ for SEO campaigns for 100+ customers. We understand the art of SEO from hyperlocal areas to multi-country campaigns. For many of our customers, SEO contributes 80% + to their lead basket making SEO the largest and low cost contributor to their traffic and online business. We use tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to regularly analyse and optimise the SEO efforts

    Content Skills

    Content is the heart of SEO. Our team researches the content that is driving traffic to your competitors and create content for your site. The SEO content is crafted to ensure higher ranking for your website

    Strong Processes – Off Page SEO

    Spreading the content around the right digital properties is the key to success. Our process involves
    • Traffic Analysis
    • Content Mapping
    • Content planning
    • Content distribution
    • Monthly Analytics
    Strong adherence to process ensures results

    Strong Processes – On Page SEO

    he Search Engines do not understand images. They read your website in a very different way that humans do. Hence on page SEO is required by the Search Engines that read your pages optimally. Our process involves
    • Website Audit
    • Speed analysis
    • Meta Tag
    • Alt Text for images
    • XML Maps

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