web developer

Job Responsibilities

  • You will be building and maintaining a website for the company and its clients.
  • The candidate should also be familiar with different languages, applications, digital media, and tools to help create content.
  • You will also be the person to contact to resolve the issues, choose solutions, and prioritize the needs of the company and the website.
  • Directing the updating and resolving of an issue by providing the proper update to the website infrastructure.
  • Developing the schedules to address devices connected and maintaining the regular tests to find small errors and everything.
  • Directing the people providing the content for the website and editing or writing the code after running the false statements.
  • You will also be required to keep up with the trends by studying, attending conferences, and attending workshops to find out what’s trending in the market and how it can help build a better website.
  • You have to manage and store the files from the website in the local directory.
  • Referring to the problems as mentioned by the customer and evaluating the right way to set the algorithm and code.
  • Checking up on code by running scheduled tests to ensure the quality standards of a code and its proper structure on different browsers and operating systems.
  • Knowing the technical requirements to enhance the customer experience.

Job Requirements

  • You need to have a bachelor’s degree in Web Development or any related field.
  • The employee should also have the ability to solve big, complex problems with a team.
  • You should also be a team player.
  • You need to also have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • The candidate should also have good knowledge of languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Advanced languages are also preferred.
  • You should also know about programming applications.
  • Proficiency in My SQL and database management systems
  • Good communication, verbal, and writing skills
  • ability to come up with new and innovative ideas to help improve the performance of websites.

Experience-min 2years