Need B2B Appointments With Your Target Audience

Need B2B
Appointments With Your
Target Audience?

But Don’t Have The Internal Team
Who Can Do It?

Let the Experts handle it !

Getting B2B leads is easy, but getting good quality leads and converting them to appointments is a very different ballgame.

It needs skills across

Identifying the right
target profiles

B2B leads could come from 3-5 profiles in a company. They could come from Users, Purchase , HODs or even company CEOs.


identifying the key pain points of various prospect profiles and creating insight led communication that resonates with the target audience. We create an outreach plan for all of them.


a large part of the lead generation is regular and diligent outreach through various channels. This becomes very tough to do internally unless you have a person dedicated to this


Tracking the results and then sharpening the focus

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    For organic media lead generation, we do appointment generation through


    Free & Paid



    How do we use these channels?

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    • Agency to create relevant target groups
      1. Company type
      2. Company Size
      3. Industry
      4. Geography
      5. Profile Type
    • Create pre-connection and post connection messaging for each group
    • Deploy a resource to engage these potentials through one senior client profile for lead generation
    • Agency will also send the free Inmails as allowed by the Sales Navigator program
    • Client will need to pay for and provide the access

    LinkedIn Inmail

    • Agency will create a custom audience on Linkedin for Inmails
    • Agency will create communication and manage campaign
    • Agency will use a part of the budget allocated for this campaign

    Email Marketing

    • Agency to create focused database of upto 500 email IDs of Target audience per month
    • Agency might also use data existing with the us
    • These will be owned by agency and agency will shoot emails for the client
    • Agency will write the emails and create a drip email campaign
    • Agency wil share response through a whatsapp group and on mail

    Focused Account Based Marketing

    • Client can provide agency a list of target accounts
    • Agency will focus on key profiles within those accounts
    • Agency will also research to add similar target companies to the list of target accounts.

    Appointment defined as either of the following

    Agreement for a call where prospect shares number

    Agreement for a demo through online/offline means

    Agreement to e-meet on Google etc

    Agreement for a call where prospect shares number

    Agreement for a demo through online/offline means

    Agreement to e-meet on Google etc

    Profile Level


    • Agency will charge Rs. 50,000 Per month + GST
    • Minimum time commitment – 3 Months
    • Agency commits to 7 leads per month leading to 5 Meetings/ e-meetings per month
    • In case Agency is not able to meet quarterly target, Agency will work for upto 1 month at no cost to client to meet the deficit
    • Client will provide access to a senior resource’s paid media account