For Super-Sized Business Growth,

You need a Super Focused Digital Agency

Growth is never an easy thing to achieve. It requires hard work, determination, careful planning and above all the right partners. For businesses that are looking for the next growth, Impact has been working for the past 12 years in helping them navigate and achieve growth through the digital medium.

Our digital chefs excel in all aspects of digital marketing. Our approach to managing client’s business is to firstly understand what the growth challenges are and then explore the possible digital avenues that could help overcome the challenges.

Our Customers

Our digital restaurant is usually filled with regular guests. 85% of our customer base are loyal retainer customers who have booked tables at our digital restaurant to savor our growth dishes.

And for the balance 15% who walk in to try out one of our ala-carte dishes, usually convert into regular loyal customers.

We serve customers across Financial, Healthcare, Energy and other verticals.

Our Digital Restaurant

This is where we cook and serve up some of the most amazing digital programs for our customers. Just as a good restaurant is known by the chefs who run it, a good agency is known by the team who run it.

Come meet our core team members

Our Maître De or Captains

Our Maître De’s or Captains are the ones that welcome our customers to our digital super growth restaurant. It is their knowledge of each of our customer’s needs that help us serve our clients better

Vishal Soni

Director Business Development. He is the one who decides who walks into our restaurant and who doesn’t get a table.

Shailesh Nigam

Director- Account Management. He is the one who escorts the customer to his table and ensures that he is served well basis his growth needs. All our restaurant waiters report to him

Our Restaurant Table Staff

Our customers get served by this bunch of highly trained, highly skilled servicing resources who translate customer briefs and serve up the final dish to them


Our Sou Chefs

Our expertise of being able to serve up some of the best growth dishes in the industry comes from the expertise and hard work of our two sou chefs who work round the clock to ensure that every customer of us gets a super growth business

Rajesh Menon

Director Operations & Strategy. He is the go to guy if you want to be served something new and yet un-tried. He creates our signature dishes

Reetu Bobel

Creative & Delivery Head – She is the fulcrum around which the kitchen works. The main cog in the wheel that makes sure that our restaurant runs 24 x 7

Our Digital Chefs

This is our team that cooks up all the growth dishes that get served up to our customers.