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The secret of a good Yoghurt lies in the creamy mix,

much like our Social Media Marketing Mix

Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Yoghurt is a complete super food and needs to be part of one’s healthy diet habit. It is versatile and lends itself both as an accompaniment , staple dish as well as an easy food to mix and match with almost every other dish. Yoghurt is rich in calcium that strengthens your bone. Having Yoghurt as part of your daily meal is a great way to build strong bones.

Making sure that your brand has a daily presence across social media platforms is likewise a great way to build a brand, engage with your customers and ultimately build strong brand loyalty. And like Yoghurt, you have a variety of social media platforms to choose from to build your brand depending on where your customers are.

Social Media Management is a skill set that our digital chefs excel in. What you showcase in your social media platform is as important as how you showcase it. Graphics, GIF’s, Videos, Blogs, News, Memes or even a simple textual post can do the job provided you have a clear communication objective laid out for the platform.

When you chose Trigital as your super brand digital agency, you are guaranteed that not only will your brand be better known on social but it will also lead to better engagement between your brand and your customers.

Building highly precise, intelligence driven social media strategies is one of the strongest super assets in our arsenal of digital growth plans for brands. It’s what we apply for our clients as part of our 5-Course Agency Meal Offering.

Our social skills help you grow into a super brand

The Right Social Media Platform Is As Important As Choosing The Right Yoghurt

Filled with protein, packed with probiotic and loaded with bone building calcium, yoghurt is the healthiest food to aid digestion and keep you fit. And to help consumers, brands have developed several varieties of Yoghurt such as Greek Yoghurt to Goat Milk Yoghurt to suit every palate.

Likewise, as a brand, you have a variety of social media platforms to operate. What you chose should be based on careful thought as to how you want to use it and whether your customers are active on that platform or not.

An all-time favorite social media platform, you can’t go wrong whether you are a b2b brand or a b2c in using Facebook as your social media platform. However if you want your brand to have a healthy diet, make sure that you post at least once a day on Facebook and increase your dosage over the weekend to catch the weekend FB user.

Another must have social media platform if you are a b2b brand. You can’t afford to not have this in your super growth agenda. However unlike FB, on LinkedIn, keep your communication professionally useful for your followers. Engaging with them 3-4 times a week is more than sufficient as each spoon of a healthy super post on LinkedIn is quite sufficient to build your brand

Got a brand that needs a healthy diet of visual imagery? Then Instagram is like Greek Yoghurt- a must have. It has twice the protein of Facebook when it comes to addressing younger audiences.

Twitter is the super food if you’re trying to win friends and influence opinions, especially among media and influencers in a B2B medium. It also works extremely well as a customer service medium for b2c consumers. If you are using this medium, be prepared to be on it 24 x 7 or at the very least Tweet 15-20 times in a day

Video consumption is the digital super food amongst all ages of consumers today. So whether you are a b2b or a b2c brand, you can’t afford not to have a video strategy in place if you want to use this medium

Just as Yoghurt goes with anything, so does Social Media

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Yoghurt is such a versatile super food that it can go with just about anything. Marinate with it, flavour it and have it, put it in salads or just eat it plain.

Social Media too lends itself to multiple uses provided you are careful in how you use it. At Trigital our focus on using social media draws from the objectives that we set out for the brand’s social media presence. Is it to build brand awareness? Strengthen the brand’s positioning? Engage with consumers or build leads?

The key to managing social media is good effective communication or messaging. Calenderizing the same helps in creating a strategic thought flow across the channel. This is especially true when a brand is present across multiple social media touch points

How to use each media channel effectively is what our social media chefs excel at. One size communication does not fit all social channels. Just as you cannot prepare a two different dishes using same ingredients, one cannot use the same communication messaging in two different social channels. Our creative chefs work with client managers to firstly understand the brand or the product being marketed and then work out channel specific communications that best meets the social media objectives

It’s the flavor in the Yoghurt that makes our social media work for our clients. SMM Services Icons

Our success in flavoring the Yoghurt aka social media channel to serve up the most consumer friendly post that drive the social objective come from the sheer experience and knowledge base of our senior management team. With over 75 man years of hardcore digital, marketing and sales experience across multiple industry categories ensure that we serve up only the best for our clients.

After all, isn’t that what Cordon Bleu Chefs are famous for?

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That’s the secret answer only the social media SousChef can answer in Trigital! You can contact him here

Quick Preparation Guide to Creating a Super Growth Social Media Plan

Research Time- 2 weeks | Cooking Time – 3-6 month

AdWords Preparation Steps

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Carefully identify your core social media channels

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Slice and dice the competition on these channels to understand what they are doing

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Build a communication & messaging strategy for each channel

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Mix everything into a calendar and schedule it

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Add toppings of engagement to make the posts invitational

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Use a sieve to understand how followers are behaving with each post

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Garnish the social media messaging based on insights

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Serve hot and sizzling engagement analytics to management