For Super-Sized Business Growth Your Digital

Health Plan needs 3 Meals A Day

Super-sized business growth requires brand’s to follow a healthy digital plan. Skipping meals are never a good idea if you are looking to build a continuous growth trajectory for your brand. Which is why at Trigital, when you hire us as your digital agency, we provide you with 3 meal plans.

Each of our super growth plans are loaded with all the right super-foods that’s guaranteed to help you grow your brand.

For A Healthy Diet Plan That Is Growth Oriented, What You Need Is Your Own Digital Chef

When you hire your own personal trainer or a own personal chef, you are guaranteed of two things. One, which your chef understands your nutritional requirement better than anyone else and secondly, he will chart out a plan for you that best fits your healthy growth requirement.

When you hire Trigital Solutions as your digital agency, you get both these things. The experience and understanding of your business requirements as well as the knowledge of what needs to be done to help your business growth.

Most of our customers use Trigital in this manner as their digital agency. We work closely as an adjunct of the marketing team, understanding and solving business & marketing needs digitally be it through a campaign or in terms of helping automate some needed marketing processes.

And how we do this, is structured in our 3 healthy buffet plans below

Digital Strategy



Start Your Growth With Our Breakfast Buffet Filled With Digital Strategy

The starting point of our engagement with customers who have taken us on board as their digital agency is being involved in what we call as an ‘immersion exercise’. The immersion exercise involves us bringing together our complete account management and operations team together for a day long exercise where we get our customers to explain and bring upto speed the team that would be working on the account.

Basis the immersion meeting, our digital chefs or account managers who manage the customer business work with the digital strategists to develop appropriate short term and long term digital strategies for different marketing and business needs.

This is then broken down into a quarterly and monthly plan with clear cut benchmarks and ROI in complete transparency.

Want to have a masterclass session with our Trigital Sous Chef? Set up a meeting by filling the form

Ala-Carte or Having Your Personal Digital Chef Is A Choice That’s Not Hard To Take


When you walk into a restaurant, you have a choice to either pick something from the menu or ask the chef to prepare something that you know will appeal to your palate and stomach.

Working with Trigital is quite similar. You could chose to hire us and pick one of our services from our ala-carte offerings or chose to hire us for your brand fully on a retainer as an agency. Just as the benefits of having your own personal chef, the advantages of having us on board as a retainer agency is the same.

You get our experience in working alongside you in helping you grow your business as part of your marketing team. We bring our entire agency behind each of our every client and you get top notch senior management time on your account

Now wouldn’t that itself be sufficient to set the ball rolling to talk to us for your next super growth plan?